Wearing and adjusting your helmet

Wearing your helmet

As with traditional bicycles, in France it is not a legal requirement to wear a helmet when using an electric bicycle, but it is highly recommended.

Bikool provides our customers with high-quality, adjustable helmets in a range of sizes.

A helmet can only protect you if worn correctly.  It must be adapted to your head in order to remain in place in the event of an accident.

Adjusting your helmet

Turn the wheel located inside the helmet towards the back.  This enables you to adjust it to the size of your head.

Position the helmet on your head so that the front and back are horizontal.  Your helmet must not be tilted back.  Once the helmet is in place, the front and rear straps must be the same length.  The guide must be positioned under your ear.  Use the clasp on the guide to release the straps and adjust them.  The straps must not cover the ears.  Slide the rest of the strap through the little rubber loop.  Adjust both sides the same way.

Next, fasten the chinstrap and tighten all of the straps so that they are fully adjusted and positioned comfortably beneath your chin.  Pull the jaw loop away from you.

To check that the straps are correctly fastened, pull the helmet backwards and forwards.  If it slides forward, tighten the rear straps and vice versa (find out more about staying safe on an electric bicycle).

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